Friday, July 30, 2004

Hi all.
It seems like ages since I wrote a post. If I have an excuse, I can't remeber what it was, so I'll just carry on as if nothing happened.
Work carries on apace. I have still to be given a start date for the broomhill job, but this Hillsborough post has been confirmed to October at least.
I'm enjoying the summer in general (watching it from indoors, at least), myself and Gill took a long weekend a couple of weeks ago and painted the flat, which looks very clean and cool (and more than a little camp) now and generally feels like a new place. Marybeth and Jonno have settled in nicely to Hawksley road, and have been using their winning ways on the neighbours more than either Gill or myself have done in the two years we've been here. Some folks just have it.
I was in beautiful Halifax last week, seeing Brenda and Andrea. Thanks to work commitments and train timetables, I was only fit to spend about 2 1/2 hours in their company, but it was fun nonetheless.  Halifax is pretty, if a little desolate.
Still no word on my vouchers. Those bastards at GamesTM are clearly avoiding me too, as I have e-mailed and phoned incessantly for the last month and haven't had any response at all. Cocksmokers.
Heading for home next week, for all of you who don't know. 7th-14th, to be precise, and my family were so thrilled about this that they ALL BOOKED FUCKING TICKETS TO EDINBURGH THE MONDAY AND TUESDAY I'M HOME! Can you believe that shit? Not that I'm bothered. We'll have the place to ourselves, and with any luck, I'll have a car at my disposal.
Big Brother continues (only just) to be required viewing. I can't believe that shitheel jason is still there, and from the way Michelle has been carrying on, he'll probably not go tonight either. What does it say about the values of this degenerate country when someone who is a genuinely nasty piece of work (also sickeningly vain, aggressive, bitchy and just a total fucking tool) can win out over people who are just good looking, loud, a bit of an 'anarchist', or a little bit pushy romantically.  You see, I have the right to complain about these things now, as I actually voted for the bastard to go this week.
Until next time.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

So I know I've been quiet for a while. Things have been unusually busy (for me) and I never found the time.
I bagged the job at Broomhill (nice place, many poshos and students) which was what I was angling for, I guess, but the fact that Clea (the lass who is currently doing it, and has been for the past three years) is now in an unteneble position leaves a sour taste. This is the council in action folks, if there is a difficult, long winded and stressful way of doing something, thats guarenteed to shaft the frontline staff, you can bet your kinky boots thats the road for them. Whats really pissing me off is that, by rights, I should have taken this oppertunity to get the fuck out and find something else, but of course I didn't. Not to worry. I got the job.
I've finally began writing this opus that has been gestating since the trees went green again, too. Not just the incessant note-scribbling that usually passes for 'writing' in my spare time, but actual honest to goodness creative grafting. With punctuation and everything. So far I have written 4 pages. Not an avalanche of writing, admittedly, but I done them in about half an hour last week when I last had the time to actually sit down and do it, which is a good page-to-time ratio, and also getting the first few pages written and the story underway is, in my experience, the hardest part. When I actually started work on Thundercats, the script practically wrote itself (which speaks well of its quality).
Better get back to work.

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