Friday, July 14, 2006

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Introducing Aoife Helen Foley-Potato

Aido 'Uncle' Potato

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

¡Hola mis amigos!

Lo siento- no hay Aido Potato por su sievos para slings and arrows y muchos long dark nights of the soul that has strangled the last of his tolerance for mankind as a species.

No worry- esta ¡yo! ¡STAVROS POTATO!

Guerra la pistolla y muchas chicas bonitas at el party last month, made all the more pleasurable by waking up in the morning to find that kirk had done all the tidying. Bless ‘im. Poco poco dio later, twas Sarah’s leaving do in Long’s. ¡Shin! Pero estoy in estados unitos cinque an unmitigated litany of disaster until sunny and tomas rushed to her aid and are now in Montauk (where Eternal Sunshine… was set, I believe).

En situado muy devastacion, the intolerable disappointment of Brett-fucking-Ratner’s X-men 3. ¡Estupido! Pues, no estrala mucho agony of the world cup. ¡Ptui! Llama aido will fuck you up but good panda marinaded in football 200 times a minute for the last two months. ¡Caramba!

Para para parapara- me gusto fooly cooly. No me gusta mi failing miserably to go to Oxegen, despite not even having to pay. Aiiiiieeeeee! Macarena. Panna frio por el festival, so I’m fairly glad of my laziness in this instance. No hay mucho Bloomsday, Ai! Madre de dios! Querido saw Glasthule fill to the throat with Americans with their loud shirts and grating accents, simply asking to be cast under oncoming trains.

Signatory senor Courtney con NUTSACK SUMMER SMACKDOWN 2006 (Heat#1) en St. Stephens Green. Hola muy laff and a haff, despite Mo bitching and moaning the whole day through. Donde esta? Los quinto pino muy bonito hanging out in the oak, which was fun until some son-of-a-milkmaid fucking stole my stash, man. Bastardo!

Muchas Hola para los mi hermana, Edel potato, who is on the brink of birthing the first of the next generation. No yo tengo su anti-christo. Heh! Y, Brian y Paolo recently returned from America, and Lisa, recently departed. Holiday-taking pricks.


Stavros ‘Poy-Podoypoy’ Potato

PS. Apologies. Everyone. Aido.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Some days the words just won't come. I've been having a lot of them recently.

Aido 'I appear to have lost all my bandanas' Potato

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