Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Hey dawgies. first up, shouts out to gillo (who despite knowing what I've been up to, is still concerned about the lack of blog updates- bless) and paddy O who has snagged what sounds like a kick ass job in dub- make sure and rub gareth's nose in it every chance you get.
So, here at broomhill library we've been repainting so all the computers have been disconnected for a few weeks and I've all but given up trying to log on to the net at home. So I haven't had access to the tinternet. but i do now.
I've been writing again, you'll no doubt be ecstatic to hear. I've been on Ukscreen.co.uk which is a notice board for wannabee media and film workers that allows you to build your own little website or online CV and check out what jobs are on offer. A FOAF has obtained a few jobs thru this site so it seems kosher enough. Anyhoo, someone was looking for short kids scripts (that is non-lengthy scripts aimed at kids, not films about vertically challenged youngsters) which caught my eye. FAst forward a week and I've written a script and spoken to the lady who was looking for them. She sounds nice, she runs a kids film/theatre company in bolton, and she's always on the look out for new stuff. I don't even really care if I get paid, as the idea of anyone performing my shit is thrill enough for me. It felt good to have a (broad) work brief in front of me again. I've found that when you can write anything you want, it's impossible to get started.
I've also been applying for other, more earthy jobs here in sheffield- worker advocacy for disabled people and the like, but I've yet to hear back from those guys.
Did anyone else watch that 'anatomy for beginners' thats been on this week? It's that gunter von hagens bloke flaying corpses and so forth on national TV (under the pretext of education). It's certainly challenging, and I had thought myself quite jaded before I watched this. He's talking about reproduction later in the week, which is where I expect I'll draw the line. Seeing a skinned man's testicles hanging about a foot apart from strings of flesh from the mans mid abdomen almost pushed me over the edge; I have no inclination to watch the said testes dissected or pulled apart.
Desperate housewives has got me but good. I'm really a big not fan of teri hatchetface, but the show itself is quite zingy and watchable. I'm not keen on all the sex and the city comparisons, though, it's much better that that. Celeb BB turned out to be a bit of a farrago in the end, but I'm pleased Bez won. He's probably already smoked, snorted or otherwise injested his winnings by now, fair fucks to him.
So Mo's sold his soul it seems. Last I spoke to him he was a trainee-satans-chap-polisher or something, but hey, it's a job and I'm sure he'll make more money this fiscal year than I'll ever see in my life, so likewise, fair fucks. If you are reading this mo, I did try to call you back the day after you phoned, but either I've got the wrong number for you, or I have the poxiest luck when it comes to catching you at liberty to answer your phone. (Perhaps the satans cock munching is all just a cover, and you are actually a spy like sydney bristow or part of some international crimefighting squad like charlies angels- just a thought)
So thats about all for now. I may add another entry today, to make up for the prolonged absence, but I'll have to think of something interesting to write first. So it's altogether unlikely.
Aido 'the cheaper the meat, the bigger the treat' potato.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Post-yuletide admonishments one and all!
Things are settling back in to their old routiene and I've finally found some time to update this blog.
Christmas was nice and quiet. Had dinner at Marybeth and Jonno's on Christmas day, then went thru to barnsley on boxing day. It felt kinda weird having Christmas not at home, especially talking to all the sibs on christmas morning. The familiar sounds of casual disappointment and feigned gratitude don't quite sound the same over a phone line. (yolking!)
As well as overconsuming calorifically, I've upped my trash culture intake in keeping with the season. Highlights include: The High Life DVD, which Gill tracked down for me, House of Flying Daggers, which was a little hollow once you get over all the choppy sock shit and flying daggers, and Le Femme Musketeer, groaning under the weight of Amy Smart's talent (Footballer's Wives Chardonnay). Christmas BB panto started promisingly enough, and the contestants were well chosen, but it got very dull very quickly. Not so with Celeb BB, which has proved to be much more fun than it should have been, primarily by the inclusion of Bez, but I find indulging homicidal fantasies involving John McCririck adds tremendously to the fun to be had.
I also got Gill Peep Show series 1 on DVD which is marvellous, and if you haven't seen it, get it.
Been playing 'Beyond Good and Evil', which was great until a glitch occured a few scenes from the finale which means I can't progress to the end without going back to the start. Still, I'm not a fan of 3D 3rd person roamers, and this was a significant improvement on the oceans of similar looking games.
I need to get back on the clock now, unfortunately, but tune in again sometime soon for further adventures.
Live well and regret not.
Aido 'TurkeyGulletSyndrome' Potato.

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