Friday, September 10, 2004

Greetings one and all.
Its been a busy week for a change. Lady gig on Sat, entertaining the guests on Sun, working late on Mon, stayed after work on Tue for pauls leaving do (he's going back to uni for an MA in history, fact fans) went to the Theatre (la-de-fucking-dah) on Wed with the folks from Gillo's work, which was dead good (teechers, its called, and though 18 years has taken the edge of it's satire a bit, still very enjoyable- and featured a Bad Girl (ie- from the TV show), thurs I was off but spent the evening touring around sheffield on foot looking for my man (as Lou Reed might say) and today, though I plan to calf as soon as I get in, has already been a bee-ach.
This really fat kid was on one of the computers, and this really old dude was on after him. Fat kid didn't come off straight away, and old dude tore him a new one. The stupid thing was they were standing there arguing at the top of their voices and neither noticed that all 3 other computers were free. Dicks.
Hooray! the OC is back on- jubilation all round.
Hooray! got Batman: The rise of Sin Tzu, which despite being a new game is quite reminicent of the old Streets-of-Rage beat-em-up heyday.
Hooray! also got Disgaea: Hour of darkness which is meant to very good indeedy. My collection was missing a RPG, and I've been waiting for this to get a european release for a long time because it's supposed to be one of the best. I've started playing it and its very cute and japanese, sprites can look a little cluttered sometimes, but so far, so good.
Boo! we went to a chinese buffet before the cinema to give me a chance to meet with Gills workmates. I hadn't been in their company for 10 minutes before doing something oafish: it was all their fault though. No-one explained to me that there was separate tables for starters, mains and deserts, so I just piled a plate high and sat down again, wondering why everyone else was nibbling prawn toast and bite size spring rolls.
Fuck that- it was still wicked value for munny. £7 all you can eat (in 1 1/2 hours, anyway) and the food was really good. (Though watching some of the greasy chavs who were in the queue with me gave me pause.)
Better go now,
later all.

Monday, September 06, 2004

Howdy. Still feeling a little fragile from the 'lady gig on sat, which was ace but scuppered somewhat by sheffield's indigenous crowd of pretentious would-be musos swaying slightly and muttering during the set. The place was wicked though, this place called club zero that I'd never been to before. It looked more like a proper niteclub should look than almost anywhere else I've been. Not too overstyled, but roomy with lots of dark nooks and (wait for it) a Street Fighter 2 machine (the first I've seen since I was about 16). It was the super edition- so not the nostalgia fest I initially thought it was, but God was it satisfying to get playing it again after all these years. I would have happily stayed in front of it, but I was afforded the opportunity to 'hang out backstage with the band'- something I've never got to do before so jumped at the chance. It was a wholly disagreeable experience, I have to say. There was much more room to sit out in the main club. The room reeked (there were two adjoining toilets) and there was no windows or ventilation, so the whole time in there was spent breathing third or fourth hand cigarette smoke. The lady had a beef to pursue with the other band (chip-something, Ok I suppose, but any band that need 3 1/2 hours to soundcheck should) so they considerately emptied the rider before they had finished their set. Saw Warren for the first time in ages. He's going to Japan to teach english in nov. The teaching job didn't quite work out like he'd planned, so he's doing relief work and living on a friends couch until he goes. He was in good form and we had a good laff. Ruth had been toying with the idea of coming out, it's just as well she didn't.
I'd asked some of you guys a while ago what 'Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever' was like. I can now answer my own question and spare the rest of you the misfortune of having to watch one of the lamest ducks to waddle straight to DVD in recent memory. I could buy it on ebay for less than the cost of a rental, so I decided what the hell. It is just appalling. Not even so bad it's good, just bland, forgettable, ill-thought-out, badly executed twaddle. One or two nice explosions do not an action movie make. Lucy Liu has had her two strikes now (cypher was the other), one more and all the Charlie's Angels sequels in the world won't bring her career back. And the title's a complete misnomer as well, since Ecks (Banderas) and Sever (Liu) only have one fight then spend the rest of the movie sucking each others cock (Figuratively speaking). Speaking of strikes, it turns out Affleck (who is no stranger to them, and must have racked up about 20) the wily bastard, it dating the beautiful beautiful Jennifer Garner (Alias, Electra in Daredevil). Dick.
Anyhoo, better get back to work you guys.
See y'all later.

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