Thursday, December 16, 2004

Word to yo mutha.
So i finally figured out how to post photos, and you can see a few of them below. It would be nice if I could arrange them around the blog as I see fit, but somethings better than nothing I guess. Christmas is almost upon us and for those of you who I haven't told, I'm spending it this year in Sheffield. We're doing Christmas day with MB and Jonno, and then going to BArnsley on Boxing day for Christmas 2 with Gillo's family.
I've been quite busy lately with work and Christmas shopping etc. We went out for our work do to trippets winebar last saturday, which was a laff, though I had the headache to contend with the next day. Been to see I heart huckabees which was really rather good, though I don't really want to see it too many more times as I expect some of the contrivances would start to grate a la American Beauty.
I've been throwing myself back into my drawing with reasonable aplomb, but it seems there is some sort of india ink/drawing board/art display folder shortage in yorkshire at the moment, as I have been totally unable to track down any of these things which I kinda need.
Anyhoo- lifes been fairly boring at the minute- mostly just rushing around doing christ mas stuff, so hopefully I'll have more to write next time.
Happy Chrismukkah.
Aido de la pistolla.

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Friday, December 03, 2004

What up all?
So I've finally begun to get me finger out.
Last week we (me and Jonathan) had a bit of a wake up call in the pub with Andre, who is Jonno and marybeths coked up southern ponce friend who despite his many shortcomings is very funny and managed somehow to snag a high powered job with saachi and saachi- if you can believe such a thing. He was asking us why we haven't made more progress on our comic and I had to own that it was mostly my fault. I was also talking to jack and Phil, both of whom are moving to manchester to make their fortune in the film industry. Jack has more contacts than I would have expected, so he's got a shoe-in to a horror film thats being made in january.
Anyways, the upshot of all this is that I haven't played playstation all week, I'm packing it up until christmas, and I'm knuckling down to getting at least one issue of this fucking comic finished.
I done one page yesterday, and I figure if I can pump out about two pages a week I should have this issue done by early 2005.
I'm also watching plenty of films. Saw spidey 2. Very much an improvement on the first, looked incredible, but the maryjane/parker chemistry is just not quite there yet. And aunt may is a bit crappy. Plenty of dead good bits in it tho.
Saw battle Royale 2 yesterday also. This wasn't anything like as good as the original. Too gun-reliant and not inventive enough to recommend. I'm not dissing it either though, as a slice of action it stands up very well on its own, just suffers in comparison to the first.
I'm about six episodes into standalone complex now, and the only thing I'm sure of it that it sure ain't no cowboy bebop. It looks lovely, but aside from that it is an inferior product in almost every way. I can't quite follow whats going on, I couldn't care less about any of the characters and the technology, while it's impressive, hasn't moved on since the film. All the themes, missions and dialogue is more or less the same as it was in the manga, which begs the question 'why bother?'
Anyhow, break is over now,
see y'all later.

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