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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I've just had a surprisingly techie conversation with a lad from one of our sister companies who came to me for advice about transferring and re-editing some old SVHS home video footage.

What was surprising was that I could actually answer his questions in a seemingly knowledgeable manner- as opposed to this time last year, when the same query would have been met with the blank,vaguely panicked stare of, say, a cat who'd been asked to drive a JCB.

One year on in Windmill; it seems as if I'm learning stuff.

Aido 'I can drive a JCB too' Potato.

Friday, October 26, 2007


Has anyone else noticed the striking similarity between Bloodrayne and latter-day Durham Red? It's absurdly obvious, yet I'm only making the connection now....

Went to see 'Black Sheep' the other night, cos it looked piss funny in the trailer. It's not. It isn't awful by any means and the effects were satisfyingly nasty, but the script needed to be a lot sharper.

Also been introducing Bartley to the joys of Battlestar Galactica. And Gus. Gus hates 'the king of the world' as he thinks she's a silly bitch; but likes the blonde one.

Aido 'Do you see now why I don't update this more regularly?' Potato

Monday, October 15, 2007

it's one of those non-days outside. It's as if Dublin's weather just got sick of everyone bitching about its personality, and just buggered off completely. For some reason, on such days, I always feel like writing.

Here is where i normally apologise about the insanely long time it's taken me to update this motherfucker, and for failing to report all the cool shit that has happened in between- but then I remembered that I started writing this for me, not y'all. So no more apologies, bitches...

Having said that, I'm increasingly suspicious that it was perhaps not a good idea to start in the first place. I never really kept a diary due to the twin terrors of (a) someone else reading it or (b) me reading it, some time later, and balking at what an idiot i was then. And probably still am. Yet here I am, typing away in a format that basically guarantees both. What a fucking idiot!

I heard somewhere recently that some thinktank or other has concluded that by 2010 the worldwide number of bloggers will have stabilised at something like 1, 000, 000. They figure it's very popular now because it's still fairly new, but eventually those who aren't naturally inclined to write will lose interest. I dunno what to make of it. It seems to have seeped pretty pervasively into the whole web.2 thing and is entrenched in one form or another. Ask me in 2010.

But I digress...

Yeah... I dunno whats to be done about it really. I'm always of half a mind to delete all ties with myspace and fucking bebo and all that crap (and can I just say for the last time, if you are one of the people who is repeatedly pelting me with 'friend' requests, I AM NOT PHUCKING JOINING PHUCKING FACEBOOK). Who knows, maybe I can bring the good-old fashioned e-mail back.

But I'll probably stick with intermittant blogs for a while yet.

So what has been happening?

Well, I had Marybeth and Jon over which was lovely. They looked a bit scared. I think they had a nice time, but you'd have to ask them really.

Also had ol stevo over a while ago- fellow ballard boy and SHU-head extraordinare.

I went to this:
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Started seeing her:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Her name is Lisa and she is funky...

And she:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

...was born. Incapacitating her mother on the way out. But it was Grainne, so we'll let her off with a warning. (Only messing Grainne, I'm sure you'll be back to your old self in no time)
She's called Grace Marie Bridget Loughlin, and she's one of them cute babies.

Work's still going well, though has changed considerably since Ultan departed for pastures new. Without his side to kick, I scarcely make eye contact with more than 3 co-workers a day... I don't mind, of course, but I don't particularly want to become totally unsocialized at work either.
Ah well, there's always the dead pigeons I suppose.

And so, back to it...

Aido "I'm lonely, but I ain't that lonely yet" Potato

Thursday, October 04, 2007

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Monday, August 27, 2007


Holidays, it turns out, really agree with me. Two weeks of no graft and I feel like a new man. I also look like a new man, according to a variety of colleagues, and not just cos I've had a haircut.

I kicked off with five days chillin in london town with sunny b and the boyz (being ronan and tom, who paid a surprise visit, presumably because they couldn't countenance the thought of an aido-less dublin for such a stretch).

I would like to say I 'did' the whole London experience, but that would be a lie. Unless home removals and getting binned have, unbeknownst to me, superceded shopping, sightseeing and those gay beefeater teddys as tourism must-dos in the english capital. Still, I visited a number a fine drinkeries; enjoyed typically quality time with the lads and, crucially, didn't bankrupt myself in the process...

Next up was my return to Sheffield. Apprehensive as I was, this turned out to be a reet treet (as they say oop north). Old sex city has had a most agreeable facelift since I abandoned it; though like an familiar proz with a new make-up job, still felt the same where it counts. Twas lovely seeing MB, Jon, Andre, Winky, The King, all the Clements and everyone else again. Maybe next time I visit the ladies Clea and Amy won't flee the place...

The business of my return was to be Godfather for Ben and Liz's delightful new nipper, Dan the Man. He's a wee dote. I look forward to corrupting him. Pictures as soon as I get em.

From Old Sheffo to Edinburgh, Andrea, film fest and more freaks than Tod Browning would know what to do with. I love festival time up there and have decided it's gonna be a standing order for years to come. Again, one doesn't need a pile of money to make it fun (though I imagine it would help immeasurably)- just some decent weather (which I had) and a healthy interest in bright lights and colours.

Quick rundown of some of the films I ate:
WAZ; Se7en-esque serialkiller fare. Decent enough- elevated above it's genre by a typically excellent performance from Stellan Skaarsgard and an untypically excellent one from Selma Blair. Interestingly enough, it was set in New York, but filmed in Belfast.

RIZA; Tedious, Joyless nonsense from Turkey. The kind of crap we were force-fed in uni, which no right-thinking casual cinemagoer will ever so much as hear of. Lucky bastards.

ONCE; Dublin-set lighthearted romantic musical. Sweet and enjoyable enough despite near-constant intrusion of sub-David-Gray whine-a-thons penned by the star (a busker on grafton st.)

EXTRAORDINARY RENDITION; Another slab of depression, this time made slightly more palatable by the fact that it was (a) thematically contemporary and (b) not shite. It concerned the abduction of a Middle-Eastern uni professor of the streets of london, and his subsequent extradition to an unnamed african country for "interrogation". While not actually based on a true story, it is, apparantly, a fairly common practice for the CIA, aided and abetted by the UK government. Sobering stuff.

MANUFACTURING DISSENT; A 2-hour character-assassination of Michael Moore by a couple of lefty canadians. Most of their points were as fatuous and overblown as anything Moore has done, but like Moore, they also have just about enough real facts to make it worth watching. Not half as entertaining as the Q&A which followed, which saw some rabid lefty american ex-pat make a barrage of ill-thought-out accusations against the film-makers, to the point where the audience were attacking her, leaving the bemused canadians (and q&a host) staring on agape, completely forgotten about.

THIS FILTHY WORLD; A film of John Waters discussing his life, films and anything else that pops into his head, before an audience in some american university. Needless to say, this was extremely good- basically it's a stand-up routiene. My only frustration was that I couldn't get tickets to the premiere, where the man himself was hosting an extended q&a afterwards. That would have been bitchin'.

Which brings me to what was both the high-point and low-point of the week. I'd been looking forward to seeing I'M A CYBORG, BUT THAT'S OKAY, the new film by Park Chan Wook (genius behind Oldboy, Lady Vengeance and one of my own personal heroes). Sadly, they'd sold out well before my arrival in Edinburgh, and my efforts to get last-minute cancellation tickets at the box-office having met with frustration, I took to the adjoining bar to drown my sorrows.... when who should I see wandering around looking at pictures on the wall but PARK CHAN FUCKING WOOK HIMSELF (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

After creaming my jeans, I tried to sidle up to him, only to be told by a staff member that, despite the absence of tape, barriers or demarkation of any sort, it was in fact a VIP area and I was not allowed in. Probably for the best since I'd have no clue what to say to him and I'm not even sure he speaks english, since the other heads in the VIP weren't talking to him either. Still. Not often I get to be within sandwich-throwing distance of a true-blue idol. Made me feel all funny it did.

Then I went home. This too was delightful, especially since everyone seems to be in fine fettle. Grainne looks about ready to pop, and Olivia is gradually betraying her condition too.

Today was me first day back at work. It seems the people here have a newfound respect for me, having spent the last 2 weeks doing my job. I doubt there has ever been a better time to ask for a payrise.

Until again.

Aido "I also saw Rush Hour 3, but I don't want to talk about it" Potato

Monday, July 30, 2007

Well hello there ya cheeky monkey.

Another delightful weekend out of the way. This one involved a VIP area in a supremely poncey bar; a whitey of epic proportions; the arrival, in our humble abode, of another great avalanche of shit; a very good curry; some Play-Doh; a couple who'd locked themselves out; the mangling of a mates good looks; a humbling experience and my 2nd annual visit to Croke park:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Hurling's great. It's really fast, brutal, and terrific to watch at high levels. The people who play it are also mental- which adds to the appeal immensely. It's as close an approximation of quidditch as we've got. Sadly the Deise only drew with Cork, so they'll be playing again next week to see who gets into the semis, but it was, as Wallace may or may not have once said, a grand day out.

Twas also the Birthday of one Mr. R. Lynch- who I'm glad to say, doesn't appear to be wising up any time soon... And we were honoured with the company of (nouvelle-derelicte) Sunny B again. Always a pleasure, bav.

Realised with no small amount of glee that it won't be long before the return of Pedo and inga; my two favourite travelling headcases. This weekend also saw the return of La Madsen from her round the world trip, and no doubt she will be descending on Dublin any day now. Also am expecting a visit from film geek extraordinaire, Hallam head and all round good-egg, stevo.

Suddenly, the summer seems to be happening....

Aido 'Any suggestions for a new title for this blog?' Potato

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